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 Software and Downloads----------Downloads available upon request 
Optimized Process
LedGo Software-----------LedGo Manual

LedGo is an asynchronous led sign transmission software that's comprehensive, powerful, easy to use and a perfect match
for just about all of you led sign transmission needs.
We've chosen to not only provide, but to showcase this software as a number one choice that does what it needs to with
class and finess and doesn't require a special class or another person on staff to use.

It has extensive capabilities for scheduling, pictures, events, and a tremendous memory for point of sale and special event video.
LedGo Software is mostly used with the SMD module based line in P5mm and P10mm, along with the DIP module based like in P15mm and P20mm.
Most of our Franchise partners use this type of software for ease of use on multiple locations or from remote marketing offices.


Flexible Utilization
FXP Led Software

FXP Led Software is a comprehensive, mid range very easy to use software for just about any situation requiring, pictures, copy and moderately sized video.
It has a reasonable amount of memory and can be used to schedule an entire year of evenys, product sales, moderate video and holidays.

FXP is mostly used with PC board DIP based modules in the P15mm and P20mm configurations.

Flexible Utilization
FXP Led Software Manual
Optimized Process
EyeTv Software-----------EyeTv Manual

EyeTv Led Transmission Software is a great choice for comprehensive message transmission, loaded with embedded effects that can and will make your led sign dazzle.
It also has it's own video editor within the program that is just a pleasure to use and make light work of video upload.
This program aslo boast a decent memory with year to year scheduling.
EyeTv is used most with PC board DIP based modules in the P15mm, P20mm, P26mm and P30mm both in Full and Tri color.

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